Guns N’ Roses Concert Recap Boston August 3rd/21 – New Song Played!

New Song “Absurd” Played Last Night in Boston

Guns N’ Roses performed their second show of 2021 in Boston last night. It proved to be another short show with only 21 songs being played. The band did however perform a new song called “Absurd,” which is from the ‘Chinese Democracy’ years and went by the name ‘Silkworms’ back in the day. Check out hte setlist and some videos from the show below!

Guns N’ Roses Boston Setlist

  1. (Link Wray’s “Rumble” intro)
  2. (Wings cover)
  3. (slow version)
  4. (The Stooges cover) (Duff on lead vocals)
  5. (AKA Silkworms, first time since 2001)
  6. (Jimi Hendrix’s “Machine Gun” outro)
  7. (with band intros)
  8. (Muddy Waters’ “Mannish Boy” Jam)
  9. (Bob Dylan cover) (Alice Cooper’s “Only Women Bleed” intro)

Guns N’ Roses Social Media Celebrated The First Tour Date of 2021 in Hershey

Guns N’ Roses social media released a video celebrating the group’s first show of 2021. Check it out here

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose Cracked a Joke About Lemmy During ‘November Rain.’

During the beginning of ‘November Rain’ yesterday, Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose cracked a joke about the late great Lemmy from Motorhead. Rose was unhappy with his mic position while playing the piano and cracked a joke about Lemmy as you can see below!

Guns N’ Roses Former Drummer Matt Sorum Reveals 5 Favourite Albums

Guns N’ Roses former Drummer Matt Sorum revealed to Spin Magazine his favourite 5 albums. You can read the article here.

Guns N’ Roses and Metallica Tour Was Once Stopped By A Prominent Politician

Back in 1992 one prominent politician tried to stop the Guns N’ Roses Metallica stadium tour. Check out the full story below.

The Guns N’ Roses Metallica Stadium Tour of 1992 would be one of the biggest tours of all time. Both bands were the biggest groups in the world at the time and it would be billed as a co-headlining tour rather than one band opening for the other. The tour took place during the summer of 1992 across major cities in both America and Canada. But one prominent politician tried to stop the tour from coming to his city and that’s what were going to talk about in today’s video.

A 30 year old councilor representing a ward in Canada’s capital of Ottawa was steadfast against allowing the Metallica and Guns N’ Roses tour from coming to his City. The reason? Faith No More would open the tour with Metallica hitting the stage second and they would play about a two hour set or so and the stage setup to get Guns N’ Roses ready for their show took around 1.5- 2 hours. On top of that, Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose would consistently show up late so the shows as part of the tour would finish in the early hours of the morning. For Watson, he was concerned about several factors. One being the city’s noise curfew which took effect at 11pm, the other was the fact that public transit doesn’t run in the early hours of the morning. The concert organizers wanted to be able to play past 12:30am and the concert tour needed Council approval to get a waiver from the noise bylaw.
And some constituents and residents supported Watson’s position and the Councillor successfully lobbied his counterparts and the mayor to vote against giving the tour a noise waiver.

But things didn’t end there. Watson’s positions made him extremely unpopular with Guns N’ Roses and Metallica fans and soon enough the international media took notice and Watson would be interviewed on Entertainment Tonight. He would recall to the Ottawa Citizen

“It was my one and only time I got on Entertainment Tonight. There was a huge media blizzard. I got a lot of phone calls, about 700 — mostly from teenagers,” he’d remember..

A morning radio DJ named Dan Halen, who hosted 54 Rock’s morning show, spent one of his shows letting angry Guns N’ Roses and Metallica fans vent their frustration at the Councillor.. Halen would recall to the Ottawa Citizen “Our phone lines were jammed, starting at 6 a.m.,” said Halen at the time. ”We decided to drop the music this morning and let them vent their anger. A lot of Guns N’ Roses fans are 25, 35 or 40. They’re taxpaying, working people” he’d say.

One fan even referred to Watson as and i quote “a stuffed shirt,” but the Councillor stood firm standing by his position that people who attended the concert would likely be drinking and without public transit, there wouldn’t be a proper and safe way for them to get home.

The amount of backlash from the public was so great that the council members and mayor reversed their decision and gave them a noise waiver until 12:30am, but they would only allow them to play the concert under two conditions: (1) there would be a $30,000 fine if the noise continued past 1 AM; and number (2) everyone attending the concert had to bring a donation for the Ottawa Food Bank. In the end though, it didn’t matter as the tour skipped Ottawa.

Promoter Debra Rathwell told the Ottawa Citizen back then why the tour skipped the nation’s capital saying ”(Not including Ottawa) has nothing to do with where Ottawa is geographically located, how many people live in the town, whether they did a petition, didn’t do a petition, or whether city council said anything,” ”The simple reason is they’ve cut their tour and they’re playing bigger buildings. It isn’t any more complicated than this” she’d say.
The Guns N’ Roses and Metallica tour would play two Canadian dates, one would be Toronto and the other in Montreal, where as you guys know a riot would break out following Guns N’ Roses cutting their set short to only 45 minutes after frontman Axl Rose complained of vocal problems.
But In 2017 Guns N’ Roses returned to Ottawa as part of the Not IN This Lifetime Tour and Watson at this point was the mayor of the City. The Citizen caught up with him and asked him about whether he planned on attending to which he said

“No, I’m not a heavy metal fan, I’ll let others enjoy.

“They haven’t asked for an exemption. We’re getting older, so are Guns N’ Roses.” he’d remark. That does it for today’s video guys. Thanks for watching. Be sure to hit the like button and subscribe. And as always if you have suggestions for future topics use the google form in the description box below. Take care.