Red Hot Chili Peppers Member Apologizes To Guns N’ Roses


Flea Apologizes For Attitude Towards Guns N’ Roses

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassis Flea gave an interview to Classic Rock magazine and expressed some regret over his attitutde towards other bands who came up at the same time singling out Guns N’ Roses. He would say the following

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“We were definitely against the hair-metal scene,” We were like, ‘expletive them. We’re the underground, art-rock, get-weird east side guys; those guys are just rehashing Aerosmith and Kiss. In retrospect it was all petty expleive. A lot of those bands were expleive great. Guns N’’ Roses was a great band.”

“There was a certain arrogance. A ‘expleive the world, expleive the system, expletive the authority, expleive the powers that be, we’re us and we’re doing our thing our way, we’re street kids’ thing. We were going hard and being wild.”


The Runup to Slash’s First Marriage Nearly Killed the Guitarist

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash would marry his first wife Renee Suran in 1992, but the runup to the marriage nearly killed the guitarist as we explore in today’s video.

Back in 1992 Guns N’ Roses would find themselves touring with Metallica playing stadiums around North America. It was during that tour that Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash died for 8 minutes. Today, let’s take a look at what happened. 


In Slash self titled 2007 autobiography he discussed meeting his first wife Renee Suran. She was a model who had worked campaigns all over the world and was trying to become an actress. In his book he would describe meeting his first wife either during 1989 or 1990 while making the band’s Use Your Illusion Records. By this point the band was in work mode and Slash would admit he wasn’t very social mostly staying at home and drinking and listening to records or spending his time in the studio. It would be bassist Duff McKagan who coaxed him into coming with him one night to a bar where the pair jamemmed wih a blues band. It was at the same bar that Duff picked up a girl who was their with a friend Renee. Renee didn’t appear to show any interest in Slash but he wrote in his book and i quote “any girl that was going to make my life difficult was hard to get and that was the girl to go for in my mind. In Lemmy’s infamous words the chase is better than the catch.” Within a few weeks the pair were living together and Slash would admit in his book he liked hte fact that she was independent and had her own life and really had no interest in rock music or guns n’ roses. Slash would admit that the typical day with her would see him get up before she did, lie on the floor smoking cigareetes and drinking vodka until she got up. 


Fast forward to the spring/summer of 1992 when Guns N’ Roses were touring Europe with Faith o more and soundgarden. Slash would reveal that the pair had split up because he had been unfaithful to her and she had gotten wind of it. Then while the band was in Europe in England he’d called up Renee feeling lonely wanting to reconcile and she would fly out to see him. Slash had hoped she would have stayed with the band on tour, but she basically gave Slash an ultimatum we get married or we’re not getting back together. 


Slash agreed and the pair got engaged and were set to marry in october of 1992, but ahead of geting married Slash wanting to protect his assets pushed the idea of a prenup on her. This was around the  September 24, 1992 Guns N’ Roses were scheduled to play Oakland with Metallica. Guns N’ Roses would be staying in San Francisco. Here’s what went down according to Slash who told howard stern during a 2001 interview.


Slash would end up collapsing in the hallway of the hotel and would be taken care of by the band’s security team until the paramedics arrived. He would write in his book “I woke up when the defibrillators sent an electric shock through my chest and stunned my heart into beating again. It was like being slapped in the face hard enough to wake you up from a deep sleep”Slash was then taken to a local hospital where he was told to stay the night for observations admitting :after a couple of hours i signed myself out and went back to he hotel..I had no remorse whatsoever about my overdose, but it was upse at myself for having died.” 


It was shortly after the incident a band meeting where axl told him “you gave us a scare we thought you were dead i thought i’d have to look for a new guitar player.”


Years later The BBC would publish a documentary on Guns N’ Roses called he Most Dangerous Band in the World. According to A&R man Tom Zutaut who discovered Guns N’ Roses and signed the band to Geffen records he claimed that after the overdose Axl thought a different Slash took over his body revealing 

“Axl genuinely believes the soul of Saul Hudson left his body when Slash OD’d,” 

“That [was] the greatest stumbling block to getting the band back together.”

Slash would end up getting married to Renee and it appeared the prenup was signed as Slash would admit to Howard Stern that he had an agreement with Renee in case they broke up during a 1995 interview. Slash would write in his book about getting married for the first time in October of 1992 “we definitely didn’t do it small – itwas this really big productions that i had very little to do with. My only memories of planning it involve renee showing me an endless number of books full of gifts to pick out. I couldn’t relate to any of it and my lack of interest made her very upset. 

Slash would admit in his book that his wife wanted the pair to have a co-ed bachelorette party so she could keep an eye on him. Slash earlier in the year in Vegas had met the woman who would become his future second wife Perla Ferrar. Perla would show up to Slash’s coed bachelorette party. Here’s what Slash had to tell Howard Stern during a 2007 interview about that.

 Slash and Renee would divorce in 1997. 

Slash would marry pearla in 2001 and the couple would divorce in 2014 just before Guns N’ Roses got back together. Some sources have claimed her not being involved with Slash may have led to a Guns N’ Roses reunion or had some part to play.