Alternative Rock Band Muse Covers Guns N’ Roses


Muse Covers Sweet Child of Mine

Kerrang magazine reported that alternative rock band Muse covered Guns N’ Roses song ‘Sweet Child of Mine.’ Check it out here.

Guns N’ Roses would rule the world from 1988-1993 releasing several huge albums including Appetite for Destruction and the Use Your Illusion Records. Following the Use your illusion tour in 1993, the band struggled to write new material. The band cobled together a covers album that was put out in 1993 tilted the spaghetti incident and the following year they released a cover of the rolling stone’s song sympathy for the devil for the film interview with the vampire. By 1995 Slash released his side project Slash’s snakepit, signalling the end of his working relationship with frontman Axl Rose for nearly 20 years. He would leave the band the following year and would be followed by bassist Duff McKagan in 1997 and drummer Matt Sorum would be fired by Rose the same year. By 1998 Rose was the last man standing from the 80’s lineup of the band. He had to assemble a new band and while a lot of people came and went over the next 2 decades, one of the more interesting members to join the band was guitarist Buckethead. Today, let’s take a look at his time in the band. It was frequently reported in the press in the early to mid 90’s that frontman Axl Rose was not just a fan of hard rock music, but more alternative bands including Jane’s Addiction, Pearl Jam and Nine Inch Nails. When Guns N’ Roses began workign on their proper follow up to 1991’s use your illusion it was reported that Rose wanted the band’s music to grow and evolve, while guitarist Slash wanted to stay closer to the band’s hard rock sound. Perhaps Rose gave us a sneek peak of where his mind was at when he put out the head scratching tune My World on Use your illusion 2. In 1995 Slash who was doing press for Slash’s Snakepit revealed where Axl’s mind was at the time musically saying to metal hammer There was a point there where Axl goes: ‘I’m gonna do a solo record, and I’m gonna get Trent Reznor and Dave Navarro, and [Dave Grohl,] the drummer from Nirvana…’ and so on. And it’s like, he doesn’t even know half of these people. He’s just pulling them out of the sky.” (Slash, Metal Hammer, 11/95) In a separate interview with Canadian Radio Slash would state the same year “Then [Axl] decided his solo-project he could do with Guns, which I was like, after doing all those videos and this and that and the other, I was like: “No”. [laughs] No, I don’t wanna get involved in any kind of Stephanie Seymour ballads or any of that stuff. As Axl assembled his new lineup of GUns N’ Roses in the late 90’s he would bring in nine inch nails guitarist Robin Finck, who played with the band in 1998 and 1999, but he would depart the group just before the millennium leaving the band without a guitarist. While future guitarist Richard Fortus was asked to audition it would fall through with him recalling to “I was scheduled to ultimate guitar They called and said, ‘Yeah, we want to fly you out this week.’ I was going to be there anyway doing sessions, so I could do it at that time. They said, ‘Perfect.’ I didn’t hear back from them, so I just figured, ‘Well, it must not be happening.’” (Richard Fortus, Ultimate Guitar, 11/26/08). In a separate interview with TImes Union he would state “Before that audition happened, Axl saw Buckethead play, and he decided to go with him instead Fortus wouldn’t join the band until 2002 and still plays with them to this day. As for how Buckethead joined, Rose wasn’t sure how to get a hold of the guitarist, but Guns N’ Roses drummer at the time Josh Freese knew Buckethead and helped Rose track him down. Freese would reveal to podmotaic that he had heard that buckethead was up in san francisco hanging out with the band Primus so Freese would place a call to Primus manager Dave Lefkowitzrecalling the conversation he had with Lefkowitz The first thing I was like, “Do you think Buckethead would be into this, he’s such a quirky, weird, artiste?” And Dave goes, “Yeah, I think he is tired of the starving artist routine, I think he is ready to make a living”.” Things wouldn’t be solidified until Buckethead was invited to Rose’s home for Christmas in 1999. It had been a tough holiday season for bucket who was h