Big Budget Hollywood Movie Uses Guns N’ Roses Song in Premiere Trailer

Slash Axl Rose

Thor Love and Thunder Uses ‘Sweet Child of Mine’

The new trailer for ‘Thor Love and Thunder’ recently dropped and Guns N’ Roses song ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ is featured prominently in the trailer. Check it out below

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Guns N’ Roses would release their debut LP Appetite for Destruction in July of 1987. The album was a slow burn taking nearly a year to break big. It was almost a year after the album came out that the band members slash, duff and izzy made an appearance on the radio program Rockline. They were about to go out on tour with Aerosmith and the single that would break the band Sweet Child of Mine was already out and Appetite for Destruction was climbing up the rock charts. The band’s appearance on Rockline was so bad that Los Angeles radio station KLOS which syndicates the program pulled the single off the air. I’m going to play you clips of that interview so stay tuned for the full story. On July 24, 1988 the Los Angeles Times would publish an article detailining the fallout from the interview called ‘no bed of roses.’ The article would report that shortly after the interview LA’s top album rock station KLOS was pulling sweet child of mine off the air. The station’s program director t told the paper “our testing found it had a highly negative reaction with anyone over 25, they just don’t like the song. Those listeners are really important to us so it isn’t worth the risk of playing it. A spokesperson for the band’s label Geffen Records claimed the move likely stemmed from their interview Funny enough the LA times kept referring to guitarist Slash as ‘Flash” in their write up.

The program director for the station did address the interview saying the band acted and i quote “disgraceful’ going on to say “they couldn’t straighten up long enough to do the show. The guitarist Slash threw up all over the studio and Bob said they ripped a girl’s blouse and were pretty out of control. But that had nothing to do with my decision to pull the record. The spokesperson for Geffen would answer back these comments telling the LA Times “Slash did throw up, he’d eaten a bad artichoke. But he didn’t attack a girls or anything. And jeez he did throw up in a paper bag, it’s not like he threw up on the program director. The incident even resulted in readers of the LA Times commenting on the story. One reader sent in a letter that read and i quote “ I think the real reason KLOS is depriving it listeners of hearing Guns ‘N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is the incident involving the band’s behavior during the “Rockline” program.

Speaking of obnoxiousness, has program director Charlie West ever listened to the KLOS morning deejays? I guess obnoxious behavior is OK if it makes his station money.” Interviewing the band at that time was longtime rockline host bob coburn. Here’s some clips of the interview from 1988 Then three years after the interview frontman Axl Rose appeared on Rockline to promote the use your illusion records and hadn’t forgotten about the feud referencing it here. Bob Coburn would list the incident as one of his most memorable interviews in his career telling allaccess Izzy, Duff and Slash from GNR came on the show absolutely smashed and a ridiculous feud broke out between the band, the label, KLOS and anyone else within earshot, including the L.A. Times. That led to a show where halfway through, Axl Rose confessed to me he came to Rockline listening to NWA on 11, parked in a median on Cahuenga Blvd. and was going to kick my but for messing with his “Boys.” He didn’t, he said, because I was too nice and “a lot bigger” than he is. The dust on that fiasco settled long ago Sadly in late 2016 Coburn would pass away at the age of 68 from lung cancer. Shortly after his passing Slash gave an interview where he talked about the feud and his memories of Coburn. Here’s what he said