Axl Rose Net Worth in 2024 – Why His Fortune Is Still Growing

As of 2024, Axl Rose’s net worth is estimated to be between $200 million and $230 million.

This impressive fortune is largely due to his enduring success as the frontman of Guns N’ Roses, one of the most iconic rock bands in history.

Revenue Source Description
Merchandise Sales T-shirts, posters, and collectibles featuring the band’s logo and Axl’s image are in high demand, boosting earnings.
Real Estate Investments Investments in high-value areas such as Los Angeles and Malibu have appreciated, adding millions to his net worth.
Streaming Revenues Music streaming on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music generates substantial royalties from millions of plays.
Publishing Rights Royalties from radio plays, movies, and TV shows ensure continuous income from various media.
Concert Tours Tours, like the “Not in This Lifetime” tour, grossed over $430 million, demonstrating enduring popularity.
Solo Projects and Collaborations Participation in solo projects and collaborations, including with AC/DC, bolsters earnings.
Licensing Deals Music licensed for films, TV shows, and video games provides a robust revenue stream.
Brand Endorsements Lucrative endorsement deals with major brands enhance his public profile and financial portfolio.
Smart Financial Management Diversifying investments across sectors, including stocks, ensures growth and stability of wealth.
Guns N’ Roses Legacy The band’s enduring influence and popularity ensure continued revenue from album sales, merchandise, and tours.

How Does Axel Rose Compare To His Competitors?

How Does Axel Rose Compare To His Competitors

Guns N’ Roses

  • Axl Rose: $200 – $230 million
  • Slash: $90 million
  • Duff McKagan: $70 million
  • Izzy Stradlin: $28 million
  • Steven Adler: $15 million
  • Dizzy Reed: $40 million
  • Matt Sorum: $10 million


  • James Hetfield: $300 million
  • Lars Ulrich: $200 – $300 million
  • Kirk Hammett: $200 million
  • Robert Trujillo: $25 million

Metallica and Guns N’ Roses are often compared due to their massive influence and financial success in the rock music scene. Metallica’s consistent touring and album sales have contributed significantly to their wealth, with individual members like James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich having net worths of around $300 million​.


  • Angus Young: $160 million
  • Brian Johnson: $90 million
  • Phil Rudd: $70 million
  • Cliff Williams: $100 million

AC/DC, known for their powerful guitar riffs and energetic performances, also ranks high in the rock wealth hierarchy. Angus Young leads the band with a net worth of $160 million, benefiting greatly from album sales and extensive touring​.

Def Leppard

  • Joe Elliott: $70 million
  • Rick Savage: $45 million
  • Phil Collen: $20 million

Def Leppard has maintained a strong financial standing through successful albums like Hysteria and consistent touring, with members like Joe Elliott having a net worth of $70 million.

Mötley Crüe

  • Nikki Sixx: $45 million
  • Tommy Lee: $70 million
  • Mick Mars: $70 million
  • Vince Neil: $50 million

Mötley Crüe, another staple of the 1980s rock scene, has seen significant financial success. Their dramatic lifestyles and hit albums have kept them in the spotlight, contributing to their high net worths​.