Guns N’ Roses Central began its journey in mid May of 2016 as the brainchild project of its founder and Captain Sydd, of Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Originally set-up as a YouTube channel, within six months, Guns N’ Roses Central blew up into something much bigger than we ever expected as Sydd branched out his love and respect for the band onto the Facebook & Twitter social media platforms.

Since, Sydd has devoted his extra personal time and energy into all three social media platforms for you, our fellow Gunners in life.

Fast forward 9 months to Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 5th) of 2017, when a peculiar individual (to say the least), was invited onto GN’R Centrals fourth PodCast.

His name is Geoff from Cincinnati, OH (USA). Geoff is one of GN’R Central’s 1st 100 subscribers on YouTube. Geoff remained quite on the YouTube page’s comment boards in the beginning until he posted a comment contradicting Sydd’s review of Mick Wall’s most recent book, “The Last of the Giants.”

Since Sydd’s review, offline, Sydd and Geoff continued to corresponded via email in further details about their mutual respect for the band and ever since that early February afternoon PodCast, Sydd and Geoff have become close friends, tour companions, and co-hosts on the majority of the PodCasts throughout 2017 and beyond.

Together they have managed to become the number one Guns N’ Roses subject related PodCast in the world! All thanks to you; our supports.

Collectively (and we mean as community- as you, our supporters, share information with us often, too) we cover the latest news about Guns N’ Roses and the band member’s side projects.

Including, but not limited to:

Guns N’ Roses

Velvet Revolver (Slash, Matt, & Duff)

Izzy Stradlin

AC/DC (W. Axl Rose)

Walking Papers (Duff)

Loaded (Duff)

SLASH Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators (Slash)

Hookers and Blow (Dizzy Reed)

Steven Adler

We also post and discuss vintage clips and news stories, do a weekly podcast & cool retrospectives about the band’s history since ‘around,’ 1985.

So far, in our journey, we’ve been very fortunate! We have been lucky to attend multiple (2016 & 2017) Not In This Lifetime Tour – Gun N’ Roses shows, meet band members (current & former members as well as musicians from GN’R’s side-projects), top team members of Team Brazil, some of the band’s previous business partners and associates through the the band’s classic Appetite for Destruction & Use Your Illusions line-ups. As well as several other Guns N’ Roses fans from around the world!

“Last, but definitely not least,” we couldn’t do it without our devoted PodCast contributors Bailey (Episode 1) and Kevin (Episode 3). Who have always been there for us no matter what!

Take a look at our GN’R journey so far:

***Guns N’ Roses Central is in no way affiliated with the band Guns N’ Roses and is merely a fan site for fans by fans. Nothing more. Our opinions do not reflect the bands’ (or anyone involved in their ‘camp,’ or any of their side-projects) as we are simply media platform designed to keep fans informed of information circulating around the World Wide Web.***